Prices for Archive Storage

documents storage Montreal
archive mini-storage Montreal

At this time, we have 7 document storage rooms available to serve your needs. These rooms have the capacity to hold 12, 18, 36, 70, 180, 290 and 400 document boxes. Larger rooms that can accomodate 500-2000 boxes may also be available. The 12-box, 18-box and 70-box rooms can be rented today without any advanced notice. All other units require a setup period of 3-5 business days.

Price of Document Storage Rooms

Capacity of 12 Document Boxes 26$/mo
Capacity of 18 Document Boxes 36$/mo
Capacity of 36 Document Boxes 84$/mo
Capacity of 70 Document Boxes 104$/mo
Capacity of 180 Document Boxes 184$/mo
Capacity of 290 Document Boxes 314$/mo
Capacity of 400 Document Boxes 374$/mo