Frequently Asked Questions

document storage

Can you receive documents on my behalf or ship documents out of my locker?

Yes. If you have a mailbox contract we will receive parcels of mail at no charge and receive packages or palettes for a nominal fee. From our office, you can ship via Fedex, Canpar or TNT, or have your own courier come to pick up boxes left in the shipping area. We can ship goods directly from your storage unit provided that you leave us a key and that your document boxes be well-organized and clearly identified.

What other services are available onsite?

Copying, sale of boxes and packaging, Duplication of files, Scanning of documents, Fedex, TNT, Canpar, receiving boxes/palettes, mailbox rentals and self-storage.

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Can I store other goods in addition to documents?

Yes. Our facility accommodates furniture, electronics and just about any other durable good. These items are generally stored in other rooms, but documents and other goods can be stored in the same unit.

What type of security is offered?

Every unit in the building has an additional door alarm. Plus, there is electronic access control that restricts where in the facility customers may visit. Every time a door is opened or an elevator moves, we record the action. What’s more we have cameras, onsite staff and magnetically locking security doors.

Is the humidity controlled in the building?

No. Not at this time. However, there is very little moisture in the building since there is no water anywhere onsite outside the bathrooms, the building is well insulated and the roof is relatively new. In the future, we intend to install a humidification and odor control system in the document storage area of the building.

How do you guard against fire?

The facility is a concrete building with a state-of-the-art fire detection system by Simplex-Grinnell. In addition, the building is fully sprinklered. Many document storage facilities offer dry-sprinkler systems and concrete walls to separate document rooms. We do not. If you require this level of protection, you should contact a company who is more specialized in document storage. They charge a lot more.

Are there additional fees I should know about?

We do not charge access fees. You can come to the facility 7 days per week. We will ask for a security deposit. We may also charge an installation fee if the unit you requested is not built out for immediate use. If you need your documents or boxes received, shipped, moved or copied, we charge for these services.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. We have offered insurance up to 50,000$ for a self-storage unit. We do not offer insurance on document storage at this time.